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THIS SITE IS DEDICATED TO THE LORD AND HIS WORD and You.  It is truly the Lords site.  Therefore there is nothing to join, nothing to buy, it is all free and downloadable to all.ll.

WHY DO PEOPLE LOOK AT THIS SITE?  Because religions are man made, and their wars over words, interpretations, and opinions have turned many people off.  As a result many have thrown the baby out with the bath water.  For that reason this site encourages people to think for themselves, seek facts and let them make decisions for them.  Giving them true freedom of responsibility for the decision.  However, the choice is still theirs to make, facts, feelings or opinions.  Investigate, to search out the facts, let them make decisions for you, and they will always be right.

JANUARY 2014 SPECIAL  This is possibly the last editing I will make on this site, and I pray it has been a blessing to you.  As at this time I am having a great deal of problems in speaking, programming and typing, so its all up to the Lord what I will do from here out.  So please check it out as I will try to keep it paid for four years in advance so you can keep studying the books and what is up here.  I will also try to answer any questions or correct any mistakes you bring to my attention, you can E- mail me at  warren.thinker@gmail.com   The decisions are yours to make, as well as the consequences, so don't let anyone make them for you.


PRESS  to see what the Scriptures tell us about God.

PRESS  to see what is the will of God for all that put their faith in Him.

PRESS    to see how the will of God can be accomplished.

Press and INVESTIGATE  the authority of the Scriptures,  Every study must have an authority, and learn how and why to study.  The Bible is not a book of do's and don'ts but illustrations, of good and bad decisions and their consequences for you to consider.  The decisions are yours to make as well as the consequences, so don't let anyone make them for you.   



 Press  FOR CHRISTIAN ALERTS and monthly articles, we are in a spiritual battle!.   

Press  For Informative Bible Topics  that bring knowledge and understanding.

 Press  For Challenging subjects to think about, that encourage and bring confidence.

 Press  For Living Examples, of attitudes we should emulate.

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Press to investigate News Links so that Christians can be aware, and knowledgeable, to compare the latest news, the following links and addresses are provided for you to see what others are saying of Christianity and America and pray.    


  Press Here  "The Family of God Bible Outlines"  Our free Non-Denominational No Spin Bible Course.  A challenging 18 units of study for the thinking mind.  Purposely put in skeleton outlines to encourage study and scrutiny comparing Scripture with Scripture.  These outlines reveal the principles for living an exemplary life with fulfillment and meaning.  Encouraging you to make decisions that enable you to be living examples for your children and others.  Most of all, to receive the blessings of the Lord.  They can be enlarged upon and meat put on their bones for teaching lessons and sermons of which one can say "thus saith the Lord"  


Press Here   "The Shepherd and Bishop of our Souls ©"  Our free Non-Denominational No Spin Book . An assessment of the life of Christ, and how we live today, introspective and provocative. 


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Somthing to pray about and act upon: The only proof Christ lives is for others to see Him living in and through you.  Consider Galatians 2:20

May your decisions make the promise of Rom. 8:28 be yours.  Your friend Warren,.  May I hear from you, to E Mail  Press Here

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