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A question I have been asked lately, Why are not people interested in Godly things any more?  I think it is because of the pace of life the people are living. It seems as though people are pressed for free time, as most of it is taken up by employment and existence, as more and more people have more than one job.  For others it is keeping up with the Joneses.  Then there is the pressure they but on themselves to be accepted in their community. They feel they have to have what others around them have, and borrow money to have it, putting on a greater strain on strain of finances.  These worries cause them to hide or run from reality by being busy with the following.

The number one problem is the seemingly need for recreation, from playing cards to golfing and bowling, to which there seems to be no end.  Drinking, dancing going to see the latest Hit Shows. Then there are the Sports networks, TV shows, and the social networks like, "The Internet" "YouTube"& "Twitter" "My Space" "Facebook" "IPhones" "Tablets"  and some are forever "texting" .  They all take up priority time of the young as well as the adult population.  Leaving no time for the really important questions about life, especially one that would question their lifestyle.

Then there is the moral value system of their friends and acquaintances around them.  So they just act as though they do not hear them, and evade them or the subject. Then there is the custom of most of society not to speak of "religious things" to avoid confrontations, or avoid subject or persons.  Therefore most people live a similar life style to a small group of friends, and another with the community at large. This dual life is seen and witnessed by their children and all others.  For example, I asked a young man about the life he lived. He said he felt grown up as did the same things they do. He went on to say he had a job three hours a day after school, there he saw hypocrisy. He went home and saw hypocrisy there. They made him go to church with them and he saw hypocrisy there also. So he admitted he was a hypocrite, just like the adults, so he must be grown up like adults. How sad he saw no role models of a Godly life, I gave him a tract as he entered the school bus, and am praying for him.

However, is that what a Christian should do, give in to society?   What has God to say about that way of life.

To consider what CONSEQUENCES living for the here and now brings Press Here

To consider what guarantees a life with Christ Press Here

Now go do what is right in the eyes of the Lord and may your decisions bring you the promise Romans 8:28 " And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. "
Your friend in Christ Warren T. Smith


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